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Estate Management Services


Our Estate Management Department offers a service designed to cover all the needs of the property owner. We work in coordination with the other departments of EMS HOUSE , including the Technical Office, the Legal Services and the Financial Area to establish a supportive relationship in the administration task and provide a quality service to the client. We develop the administration and management activity with the objective of optimizing the owner's investment and ensuring the preservation of the property.

Our services include:



  • Issuance and collection of receipts.
  • Preparation of settlements.
  • Income and redemption of sureties and guarantees.
  • Tax settlement.
  • Payment of expenses.
  • Reviews and updates of income, bonds and expenses.
  • Control of debts.


communities administration services


Our communities administration department manages all the aspects that make up the life of a owners community. Our goal is to provide solutions to any incidence that may arise in the day to day of the community.


Our services include:


  • Preparation of customized statements.
  • Preparation of the annual economic budget.
  • Collection of receipts and bank remittances.
  • Control of debts.
  • Payment of ordinary expenses of the community.


commercialization of real estate services


Sales / rent

We advise promoters, owners, buyers and tenants, in the process of commercialization of real estate and exercise the activity of intermediation in the sale, renting and transfer. Our goal is to achieve success. Therefore, we select what we market. We have a team of collaborators specialized in different areas of business to provide the best response to the needs of the client. In addition, our commercial team works in coordination with the Estate Management department, the Technical Office and the Tax Management Office, to provide the client with the complementary services that he needs.



Knowledge and experience in the sector allows us to advise promoters and owners, and establish the most appropriate marketing strategy to sell or rent apartments, apartments, houses and parking spaces, whether new or used.


management of construction projects


The technical office of EMS HOUSE, focuses its activity on the management of construction projects in the residential and business environment.


Projects management

Implementation, management and monitoring of all types of projects according to the interests of the client.


Document Management

Processing of documentation necessary to carry out projects, during the execution of the projects and for their completion.


Safety and health plan

Basic study, implementation of plans and coordination.